xBrain, your AI information management partner.

Start using xBrain, your AI second brain.

xBrain is your AI information management partner, providing you with unprecedented features. It allows you to easily search knowledge from your cloud-stored data, quickly organize document summaries, and even translate documents fast. Additionally, xBrain only searches the files you upload, ensuring your information stays out of the wrong hands.

Note: xBrain currently only supports ASUS WebStorage web version and provides translation services in Mandarin and English.

Instantly Access Knowledge.

With xBrain, searching for information becomes effortless. Whether you need to access contract documents, historical records, technical documents, or any other files, xBrain can help you quickly locate the knowledge you need, saving you valuable time.

Quickly Summarize Documents.

xBrain not only helps you find documents but also assists in refining content. With its intelligent summarization feature, xBrain can automatically generate summaries of documents, allowing you to  grasp the key points quickly without reading the entire document.

Quick Document Translation.

xBrain, quick translation feature allows you to translate documents from one language to another without the hassle of a lengthy translation process, enabling you to conduct business efficiently.

(Provides translation services in Mandarin and English for now.)

Conversation with xBrain.

Whenever you upload a file to the cloud, xBrain can assist you in searching, summarizing, and translating documents. It quickly helps you organize data for everyday life and office use.

Login and Sign Up.

  1. Log in to the ASUS WebStorage for Web by using ASUS Cloud ID or Google /Facebook account.
  2. New user can [[Sign up for Personal Version] or [Sign up for Team version] and enjoy 14 days free trial.

How to Upload Files via ASUS WebStorage Web Version?

You can refer to the support center article "How to Upload Files/Folders to ASUS WebStorage Web Version" for guidance.

  • Start a Conversation
    1. Click on the xBrain button in the top right corner of the ASUS WebStorage web version.


2. Enter your request in the chat or click on the key feature option you need.



  • How to Quickly Find Knowledge?
    You can search for knowledge based on files you have uploaded to ASUS WebStorage. Simply ask question directly in the chat box. For example: (Uploaded a file about global warming) Please explain the causes of global warming.


  • How to Quickly Summarize Documents?

a. Drag and drop the document file you want to summarize into the chat box.
b. Click on the "Document Summary" button that appears on the screen, and xBrain will immediately summarize it for you.


  • How to Quickly Translate Documents?

a. Drag and drop the document file you want to translate into the chat box.
b. Click on the "Document Translation" button that appears on the screen.
c. Enter your target language, and xBrain will assist you in translating the document and output it as a file.
d. Download the translated file once the translation is complete.



    • Right-click on the file you want to summarize or translate, and find the [Explore with xBrain] button in the menu to summarize or translate the file.
    • Click on the button with three horizontal lines in the lower right corner, and select the data access range for xBrain. (Default is "All")
  • Supported Browsers
    You can use ASUS WebStorage web version and converse with xBrain in the following browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge (built with the Google Chromium open-source engine)
    • Safari

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