Troubleshooting syncing issues in "ASUS WebStorage Sync for Mac"

In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot the basic problems that might happen in ASUS WebStorage Sync, including:

  1. Files not updating even though ASUS WebStorage Sync shows synchronization is complete.
    1. Failed upload or download of files.
    2. MySyncFolder in File Explorer and ASUS WebStorage web version doesn't have the same content.
  2. ASUS WebStorage Sync suddenly stops working, crashes, or becomes unresponsive.
  3. Encountering an unknown error.
  4. Unable to log in.
    1. Instructions for changing passwords.
    2. Additional support for logging in with the "correct password" can be found in the Support Center.
    1. Right-click on the icon-idle.png  icon on the Mac menu bar.
    2. Click on [Preferences].
    3. Go to the [Network] tab on the upper side of the window.
    4. Click on [Connection test] at the bottom.
    5. After clicking the button, the system will detect the connection and confirm whether it is normal. If the connection is normal, the message "Connecting..." will be displayed.
    1. Right-click on the icon-idle.png icon on the Mac menu bar.
    2. Click [Preferences].
    3. Go to the [Account] tab on the upper side of the window.
    4. Click on [Check version] at the bottom.
    5. If your app is running on the latest version, the message "You already have the latest version!" will be displayed.
  • To check the status of your file synchronization between your computer and the cloud, follow these steps:

    1. Right-click on the  icon-idle.png  icon on the Mac menu bar.
    2. Click [Preferences].
    3. Go to the [Status] tab on the upper side of the window.
    4. In the [Sync record] section, you can view the current synchronization status.
    5. You can also click on [Error record] to check if any files have failed to upload or download.
  • Any of the following will cause the file to be unable to sync:

    1. The file is being opened by another application.
    2. The file exceeds your single file upload size limit.
  • The sync path can not be set as follows:

    1. External hard drive folder
    2. The entire root of a drive
    3. The entire Desktop directory
  • If you find your files between your computer and the cloud are not synced, you can click on [Fix sync error]:

    1. Right-click on the  icon-idle.png  icon on the Mac menu bar.
    2. Click on [Fix sync error].
    3. Click on [Confirm] in the pop-up window.
    4. After the message "Restore complete!" appears, click on [Confirm] and wait for at least 20 minutes. The actual completion time will increase or decrease depending on the number of files.
    5. After the [Status] shows that the synchronization is complete, check if the files have been synced successfully.
  • You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling ASUS WebStorage Sync to solve the problem.

    1. On the left menu of Finder, click on [Applications].
    2. In the application, find ASUS WebStorage, and drag the app to the Trash.
    3. Reboot your computer.
    4. Install the latest version of the application.
    5. Wait for the sync to complete again.
  • If you have attempted the previously mentioned methods and are still experiencing issues, we suggest filling out a problem report form to reach out to the ASUS WebStorage Support Team. When submitting the form, please include your operating system version and the occurrence date and time.

    To help speed up the problem resolution, we recommend that you provide the following information in the "Description" and "Upload File" sections:

    1. The version of ASUS WebStorage Sync.
    2. Full screenshot of any error messages.
    3. Full screenshot of the [Status] page.
    4. Detailed steps of the operations you performed.
    5. LOG files - to obtain these:
    6. Left-click on the ASUS WebStorage Sync icon in the menu bar, and select [Preferences].
    7. Select [Account] on the upper tab to enter the account page.
    8. Click on [Get log file] on the account page.
    9. Compress the log folder into a zip file and attach it to the problem report form.MAC_compress_log.png

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