How to delete an account?


  1. The information about account deletion in this article only applies to ASUS WebStorage personal account users.

  2. If you are an ASUS WebStorage business account administrator and would like to request account deletion, please fill out a problem report form to contact ASUS WebStorage Support Team.

  3. If you are a member of an ASUS WebStorage business account and would like to delete your account, please contact your administrator.

To delete ASUS WebStorage personal account:

  1. Go to [account deletion page] and sign in with your ASUS Cloud ID.

  2. Read the impact of account deletion and tick the checkbox of [ I understand the impacts that will be brought from this operation and confirm that I want to continue the execution ].

  3. Click [ Delete account ].

  4. Click [Confirm].

  5. The system will send a 6-digit verification code to your email address that is linked to your account. Please check your email inbox.

    -If you did not receive an email with a verification code, please check your spam and promotions folders. If the email is not there, please click [Resend] to request a new verification code.
    -If your email address is invalid or not being able to receive emails,
    please go to [Customer Center]>[Change Personal Data] to change your email address.

  6. You will have 10 minutes to enter the 6-digital verification code, select your reasons for deleting the account, and click the [Confirm deletion] button on the account deletion page.

    *Each verification code is only valid for 10 minutes. If you aren't able to complete the actions above within 10 minutes, you can request a new verification code.

  7. If you see [Deleted successfully] show on the page, it means that your account has been deleted successfully.

    -Once your account has been deleted, you can't regain access or recover your account.
    -Deleting an account will permanently delete all the data you store in the cloud and cannot be recovered.


If you encounter issues during the account deletion process, please follow the self-solve steps below.

  1. Please update Google Chrome to the latest version and clear the cache, cookie, and browsing history.

  2. Restart your network or Wi-Fi connection, and make sure the network connection is stable.

  3. Go to the [Account deletion page] in incognito mode with the latest version of Chrome browser to delete your account again.

  4. If you are still unable to delete your account, please fill out a problem report form to contact ASUS WebStorage Support Team.

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