Subscribe on ASUS WebStorage Mobile App

Advantages of monthly subscriptions on ASUS WebStorage Mobile App

  • On the mobile application, effortlessly complete your payment and enable auto-renewal.
  • 1-month free trial: Sign up now and enjoy a 1-month free trial. (Available exclusively for those who have not previously subscribed to ASUS WebStorage app using their Google account or Apple ID.)

  • Always enjoy the special offers: Always enjoy the same discounts when you auto-renew.

  • Auto-renewal: Subscriptions will auto-renew every month.

  • Cancel anytime: Feel free to cancel at any time before the monthly automatic debit date.

What monthly plans are available?

ASUS WebStorage offers three different monthly subscription plans.

Plan 200GB 1TB 2TB
Special offer US$ 2.49/ month US$ 3.49/ month US$ 6.99/ month


How to subscribe to a monthly plan

Subscriptions are available through the ASUS WebStorage Mobile App.

  • Tap here on your phone.

  • Scan QR code.


Subscribe using ASUS WebStorage Mobile App (Android)

1. Tap [≡] to open the menu.    2. Tap [Upgrade storage space]. 3.Choose a plan and tap [Purchase plan].

Subscribe using ASUS WebStorage Mobile App (iOS)

1.Tap [Settings] to open the menu. 2. Tap [Upgrade storage space].  3. After selecting a plan, tap [Buy].

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