How to claim storage space with your activation code?

The activation code you redeem will have its own, distinct period of usage that is separate from your current paid plan. Redeeming an activation code will not extend the expiration date of your current plan, instead, it will add to your existing storage space and will have its own expiration date.

For instance, you have a 500GB/1Y paid plan with an expiration date of 10/10/2023 under your account. If you redeem a 1TB/1Y activation code on 1/1/2023, you will have a combined storage space of 500GB + 1TB from 1/1/2023 to 10/10/2023. After 10/10/2023, you will only have 1TB of storage space from the activation code, until its own expiration date of 1/1/2024.

Therefore, if you currently have a paid plan and don't need extra storage, we suggest waiting until your current plan expires before redeeming your activation code. This way, you can make the most of your current plan and avoid overlapping usage periods.


Redeeming your activation code

  1. Go to the code activation page.

  2. Enter your activation code in the "Account Activation Code" field.

  3. Choose “create a new account” or “Use an existing account”.

  4. In the ASUS Cloud ID (Email) field, enter your ASUS Cloud ID.

  5. In the Password and Re-enter password fields, enter your password. 

  6. Agree to the ASUS Terms of Use and Privacy Policies by ticking the checkbox.

  7. Click [Send].


Checking if your activation code was redeemed

  1. Log in to ASUS WebStorage for Web.

  2. Click your avatar in the upper-right corner to open the menu.

  3. Go to [Customer Center].

  4. Check the status of your activation code under [History List].


Troubleshooting redemption issues

  1. Update Google Chrome to the latest version and clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history.

  2. Reset your internet connection and make sure it's stable.

  3. Try redeeming your activation code in incognito mode.

  4. If you still can't redeem your activation code, reach out to the ASUS WebStorage Support Team for help by filling out a Problem Report Form.





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