Why did the purchase fail?

Reasons for purchase fail

The following reasons will result in restrictions on your account for making purchases:

  1. Plan validity: The current plan has more than 183 days remaining.

  2. Insufficient storage space: Attempting to purchase less storage space than is currently in use.

  3. Business account purchase of personal plan: Business accounts attempting to purchase personal plans.

  4. Non-admin business account purchase: Business account members (non-admin) trying to purchase any plan.

  5. Exceeding business plan quota: The number of members in the business account exceeds the limit for the intended business plan purchase.


Making payments with a credit card issued outside of Taiwan

If your credit card is issued outside Taiwan, change the currency to another than Taiwan Dollars (TWD) on the Plans page. After selecting your desired plan, you'll be redirected to PayPal where you can make the payment with your card. If the payment fails, reach out to PayPalfor support.



What if PayPal is not supported in my country?

If PayPal is not supported in your country, you can still make an in-app purchase and pay directly with your credit card by following this article.


If you used a credit card issued in Taiwan

If you encounter the message "抱歉,因為買賣雙方皆使用在台灣註冊的 PayPal 帳戶,所以無法相互支付和接收付款" on the PayPal payment page, navigate to the Plans page and select [Traditional Chinese 繁體中文] and [Taiwan Dollars (TWD)]. Then, select the desired plan, and you have the option to pay using a credit card, ATM, or Google Pay.



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