What happens if used storage space exceeds available space?

Used storage space refers to the amount of data stored on the cloud storage service, while available space refers to the amount of storage space in your account as per your plan.

It's important to regularly monitor your storage space usage. If your used storage space is exceeding the available storage space, the system will send you a notification, and you will not be able to add or share new files.


And as a gentle reminder, according to the “Terms of use,” if the used storage space exceeds the available space for more than 30 days, the system will automatically delete all files stored in the cloud space.


Upgrade your storage plan

To ensure that you never run out of storage space, you have the option to upgrade your plan. This will allow you to store more files and share them with others without worrying about reaching your storage limit.

Simply visit the plan page to choose a larger plan that meets your needs.


Free up storage space

Another option to avoid file deletion is to free up storage space. This involves reducing the amount of data you store in the cloud so that it is less than the total space available in your account.

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