How to enable file upload for friends without ASUS Cloud IDs?

With the "File Request" function, you can allow friends and family without ASUS Cloud IDs to upload files to a designated folder in your cloud space.


Creating a "File Request folder"

  1. Log in to ASUS WebStorage for Web.
  2. In the left menu, click on "File Request".
  3. Click the "Add file request" button in the upper right corner to create and configure a file request folder.


Configuring the "File Request folder"

When creating a "File Request" folder, you can customize it to meet your specific needs by configuring the following options:

  1. Folder name: Give the folder a name.
  2. Link password setting: Enable this option to require a password for file upload.
  3. Link expiration date: Enable this option to set a deadline for file submission.
  4. Storage settings:  Enable this option to set a storage quota. When the combined size of files in the folder exceeds the storage quota, members will no longer be able to upload files.


  1. After creating the file request folder, you can share the link with others by either copying it or sending it via email using the letter symbol.
  2. Recipients with the link can upload files without the need for an ASUS Cloud ID. However, they will only have permission to upload files and won't be able to browse, delete, or rename the files within the folder.


Closing the "File Request folder"

If you want to temporarily stop the file upload, you can choose to close the File Request folder.

  1. Right-click on the file request folder.
  2. Select [Edit File Request].
  3. Turn off the [File request status] toggle by switching it from [Open] to [Close].


Uploading files to the "File Request folder"

  1. Access the link provided by the file request creator.
  2. Enter the password if required.
  3. Click "Start Submit" to begin the upload process.
    1. Name: This will be used as the starting filename of the uploaded file. For instance, if you set the name as "John" and upload a file named "report.docx," the final file name will be "John_report.docx."
    2. Email Address: Provide the email address of the uploader.
    3. Verification Code: Enter the verification code provided by the system.
  4. Click [Start Submit] to select and upload one or more files.
  5. Once the file is submitted, the uploader will receive a confirmation message.


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