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Welcome to A.I. Secure Auto-Backup. With A.I. Secure Auto-Backup, you can back up files on your devices, such as computers and external hard drives to keep your data safe.

When you accidentally delete files/folders, experience data loss, computer crash, or data corruption, you can easily restore them from the cloud to your computers.


The feature of backing up external hard drives is only available for certain paid plans.


Incremental backup: reduce storage usage and increase backup speed

For the initial backup, A.I. Secure Auto-Backup will perform a "full backup,” which means backing up all files to the cloud, and all subsequent backups are incremental backups.

Incremental backups save storage space and increase backup speed by backing up only data that have been modified/added since the previous backup. For example, if 5 GB of data has changed since the last backup, only the 5 GB of changed data will be backed up to the cloud.



Can A.I. Secure Auto-Backup perform system and system image backups?

A.I. Secure Auto-Backup currently only supports file backup and does not support system and system image backups.



OS requirements




Download and install A.I. Secure Auto-Backup

  1. Go to [Download page], find A.I. Secure Auto-Backup, and click the [Download] button.

  2. Open this file on your computer:




3. Follow the installation instruction. The log-in site will show up when installation is complete.



Log in/ Sign up


  • Log in with your ASUS Cloud ID
    Enter your ASUS Cloud ID and password to log in.
    If you forget your ASUS Cloud password, click the [Reset Password] button. You will be directed to the [Reset password page] to reset your password.

  • Log in with your Google/ Facebook account
    Click on the Google or Facebook button, and the log-in page will open in your default browser.
    After successfully logging in to your Google/Facebook account, if your email has been registered with ASUS WebStorage, you will be successfully logged in; if not, you will need to complete the registration procedure before you can log in.

  • Sign up for ASUS WebStorage
    If you do not have an ASUS Cloud ID, you can click on the [Sign up] button to sign up for ASUS WebStorage.



Enter A.I. Secure Auto-Backup main menu


  • After logging in, click on the [Getting Started] button to enter the main menu.
  • You can also enter the main menu by clicking the A.I. Secure Auto-Backup icon:

Method1:Left-click on the A.I. Secure Auto-Backup icon on the Windows taskbar.

Method2:Right-click on the A.I. Secure Auto-Backup icon on the Windows taskbar and click [Settings].





General settings

Before backing your files, you can set [Prevent computer from entering sleep mode] and [Auto shut down after backup is complete] in advance.


Prevent PC from going into sleep mode

Backing up a large number of files may take some time. However, if your computer goes into sleep mode during the process, it will cause the backup/restore jobs to stop.


To prevent it from happening, you can follow the steps below to enable the [Prevent PC from going to sleep] feature.

  1. Click [Settings] from the left side menu.

  2. In the General Settings section, tick the [Prevent PC from going to sleep] checkbox.



Automatic computer shut down after backups are complete

You can set your computer to shut down automatically after backups are complete.

  1. Click [Settings] from the left side menu.

  2. In the General Settings section, tick the [shut down the computer after the backup is complete] checkbox.


Set up backup paths

You can set your backup paths in the following two ways:

Method 1

  1. Click on [Backup] on the left side menu.

  2. Click the [New backup] or [+] buttons to set up backup paths.

NoteYou can only select folders when creating backup paths.



Method 2

You can also right-click a folder on your computer, then select [A.I. Secure Auto-Backup] > [Add to Backup Path], and the full paths of the folder you selected will appear in the Backup Path section.



Perform backups

After the backup paths are set, backups jobs can be performed in the following three ways.

Method 1:Click the [Star backup] button in the button right corner of the screen to perform backups.



Method 2:Right-click on the A.I. Secure Auto-Backup icon on the Windows taskbar, then select [Perform manual backup].



Method 3:You can also create a backup schedule in the Backup Settings, and the backup jobs will automatically run at your scheduled time.


  • With the schedule backup feature, you can schedule an automatic backup at a specific time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Once you have scheduled a backup time, you can see when the next backup will be performed on the Backup page.




View your backed-up files in the ASUS WebStorage web version

You can follow the two methods below to access your backed-up files in the ASUS WebStorage web version.
Method 1:Select [Backup] from the left side menu and click on the [open the WebStorage page] text.


Method 2:Right-click on the A.I. Secure Auto-Backup icon on the Windows taskbar and select [Launch WebStorage website].




Delete backup paths

  1. Tick the checkbox(es) of the backup path(s) you would like to delete.
    Note: Backup paths cannot be deleted during the backup process.

  2. Click on the [-] button.

  3. Click [Y] in the pop-up window.



Backup settings

You can choose to back up at unscheduled times or automatically at specific times of the day, week, or month.

  • Do not schedule: No auto-backup will be scheduled.

  • Daily: Back up at a specific time every day.

  • Weekly: Back up on a specific day and time of the week.

  • Monthly: Back up on a specific day and time of the month.




  • If you would like to be notified when the backup process starts and ends, tick the [Notification when starting and ending scheduled backup] checkbox.

  • Before performing a backup, if you would like to be notified if the previous backup has not been completed, tick the [Notify me if the previous backup was not yet completed when the program starts] checkbox.

  • If you would like to be notified each time a backup is complete by email, tick the [Email notification when backup is complete] checkbox.



Backup Cleanup
You can set the total number of backup versions you want to keep.

  • In the I want to save the last backups field, enter the number of backup versions.

Note: Setting up this function carefully since the deleted versions cannot be restored. If you reduce the number of backup versions, the deletion will start after the next backup completes.




You can enter the file type you want to exclude from a backup. (e.g. JPG, AVI)




Restore backup files

  1. Select [Restore] on the left side menu.

  2. In the [Select device] drop-down list, select the device you were using for the backup.

  3. In the [Select backed up time] drop-down list, select the backup version on the specific date and time you want to restore.

  4. After [Select device] and [Select backed up time] are selected, you can choose a single-path folder or file that you want to restore in the tree view.

  5. You can change the restore path by clicking on the folder icon.

  6. Click the [Start restore] button.





How to download backup files from the ASUS WebStorage web version?

  1. Log in to the ASUS WebStorage web version.

  2. Click [Backup]>[Auto-Backup] on the left side menu.

  3. Double-click the backup device with the mouse.


4. Click on the folder of a specific date and time that you want to download.



5. Tick the checkbox of the file, then click the [Download] icon at the top right of the page.

Note: You can only download a single backup file each time. Downloading an entire backup folder or multiple files at the same time is not allowed.




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