How to view to xBrain history records?

Using xBrain history records function , you can quickly check important information you had inquired about, allowing you to quickly locate past data or keep on the conversation with xBrain.


  1. History records are stored in the browser you are using and if you clear your browser's history or switch to a different browser, you will not be able to view history records.
  2. "My xBrain Knowledge Base" interactions will be not stored in History records.

Start a new interaction

xBrain automatically names the interaction based on its content. You can start a new interaction by clicking the brush icon..


Viewing History Record

You can access your past interactions with xBrain by clicking the [beta] button at the top of the screen.

After selecting a interaction, the content will switch to the chosen one.

Edit, Delete, and Download Records.

Move to the history record you wish to edit, and three icons appear:

  1. Pencil icon: You can edit the name of the conversation record to help you quickly and clearly identify the conversation content.
  2. Trash can icon: You can use this button to delete the conversation record.
  3. Download icon: You can click this button to download all the interaction as a txt file.

Download/copy specific interaction result.

You can also download/copy specific result by clicking the right upper corner to download a txt. file for your reference.


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