ASUS WebStorage Drive Expanding Your Computer's Virtual Space

Introducing the all-new ASUS WebStorage Drive, a cloud storage service that offers file cloud streaming and computer synchronization.

By mounting the cloud virtual disk drive, you can effortlessly access and manage your files in the most familiar way, without
occupying computer space.


ASUS WebStorage Drive - Key Features

  1. Extend your storage capacity: Access and view cloud files through WebStorage Drive without using up computer storage.

  2. Sync cloud files: Mount the WebStorage Drive cloud disk and access files on your computer, keeping them up to date.

  3. Ransomware protection mechanism: Automatic ransomware detection for synchronized cloud files, with notifications sent
    for any abnormalities, enhancing security.

  4. Cache clearance for space optimization: Accessed files are automatically downloaded as temporary cache files, improving efficiency.
    When reaching the limit, the cache is automatically cleared.

  5. Seamless cross-device file synchronization: Download WebStorage Drive on different computers for file streaming and seamless
    editing synchronization.

What are the differences between WebStorage Drive and WebStorage Sync?



WebStorage Drive

WebStorage Sync

Recommend Users

Multi-device access, consistent cloud experience on the local computer.

Expect to have a copy of your file both locally and in the cloud.


Cloud and local files are the same, and changes are synced in real-time.

The cloud and local files are kept separately and synced in real time whenever changes are made.


Does not occupy space, only requires a maximum of 10G cache space.

Sync only with MySyncFolder.

Sync data

Sync with MySyncFolder, Cloud-only files, Shared with me, Project space.

Local files can be accessed offline and synced to the cloud when online.

Offline Usage

Locally cached files can be accessed, while other files require a connection to access.

Local files can be accessed offline and synced to the cloud when online.

Cache clear

Once the 10GB capacity limit is reached, the cache will automatically clear according to the access time or can be manually cleared by users.

No cache clear mechanism.


Scenarios for WebStorage Drive

  • Multi-device and Multi-Task: With WebStorage Drive, you can perform tasks on different computers according to different task
    requirements, such as office editing, graphic design or animation rendering, simplifying data transfer with the same file index.

  • Large file editing: Users can process large files with familiar photos or file editors, and automatically synchronize them in the
    cloud space through WebStorage Drive, eliminating the need for repetitive uploads and downloads, improving work efficiency.

OS requirements

Download and install

  1. Visit the download page, locate ASUS WebStorage Drive, and click download.

  2. Open the file "ASUS WebStorage Drive.exe" on your computer.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

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