How to set the number of backup versions?

ASUS Secure Auto-Backup generates a new backup version every time you perform a backup. The "Number of Backup Versions" specifies the maximum number of versions that you can retain after the backup is complete. The upper limit for this number varies based on the plan that you've purchased.


Set the number of backup versions

  1. Click on the ASUS Secure Auto-Backup icon in the bottom right corner of the Windows taskbar.
  2. On the left tab, select [Backup], and then choose [Options] in the top right corner.
  3. Once in the options menu, choose [Backup Cleanup]. From there, you can adjust the following settings:
    1. I want to save the last backups: Enter the number of backup versions you want to keep.
      1. Note: This setting should be set with care as deleted versions cannot be restored. If you reduce the number of backup versions, the deletion will occur after the next backup is complete.

    2. Unlimited backup versions: All backup versions will be saved if this option is selected.

  4. Once you've set your preferred option, click [OK] to save the changes._______.png

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