How to customize scheduled backups?

With ASUS Secure Auto-Backup, you can ensure the safety of your important files by backing them up to the cloud. Besides manual backup, you can use the "Scheduler" feature to set backups at specific times. Simply select backup folders, specify the time, and the system will automatically perform regular backups of your chosen data.


The “scheduler” feature is exclusive to users who have purchased the ASUS Secure Auto-Backup plan.


Customize scheduled backups

  1. Click on the ASUS Secure Auto-Backup icon in the bottom right corner of the Windows taskbar.
  2. On the left tab, select [Backup], and then choose [Options] in the top right corner.

  3. In the [Scheduler] tab, you can set the following backup options:
    1. Do Not Schedule: No automatic backups will be scheduled.
    2. Daily: A backup will occur at a designated time every day.
    3. Weekly: A backup will occur on a specific day and time of the week.
    4. Monthly: A backup will occur on a specific day and time of the month.
  4. After making your selections, click [OK].

  5. Return to the [Backup] page and you will see the scheduled backup time listed under "Next Backup Time"._______.png

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