Name change for Timeline Backup

To provide you with the best experience, Timeline Backup has been upgraded to ASUS Secure Auto-Backup from November 3rd, 2022. With ASUS Secure Auto-Backup, you can back up data on your device automatically, and save you from accidental deletions, drive failures, and ransomware attacks. You can also easily restore files if things go wrong.


Timeline Backup features remain

If you are currently a paid user and have installed Timeline Backup on your device, with this upgrade, you are still able to do everything you have always done in Timeline Backup. You just need to ensure the latest version of ASUS Secure Auto-Backup is installed to enjoy the optimal backup performance.


Purchasing or upgrading ASUS Secure Auto-Backup plans

To purchase or upgrade your current ASUS Secure Auto-Backup plan, you can visit the Plans page to get more information.

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