How to disable a member's ASUS Cloud ID and transfer data?

As a business account administrator, you have the ability to manage and control access for your team members. This includes the ability to disable or delete a team member's ASUS Cloud ID and to transfer their files to your account or another member's account.


The team member's ASUS Cloud ID must be disabled before their data can be transferred.

    1. Log in to the ASUS WebStorage for Web.
    2. Go to Dashboard from the avatar in the upper-right corner.
    3. Navigate to the User Management page from the left menu.
    4. Click the [...] icon next to the member's ASUS Cloud ID to open the menu.
    5. Select [Disable account].
    6. In the pop-up window, confirm the action by clicking [Disable].2__2___1_.png

    7. The member’s User Status will now display as [Disable].3__3___1_.png
  • After the member's ASUS Cloud ID is disabled, you can transfer their files.

    1. Click the [...] icon next to the disabled member's ASUS Cloud ID.
    2. Select [User Data Transfer].
    3. Select the disabled member you want to transfer data from on the Member data transfer page.5__1_.png
    4. Enter the recipient's ASUS Cloud ID in the "Transfer to" field and click [Confirm transfer].6__2___1_.png
    5. After clicking [Confirm transfer], the status of the disabled member will be updated to [Data Transfering].7__1_.png
    6. Wait until the User Status changes back to Disabled, which indicates that the transfer was successful.8__1_.png


    The transferred data can be found in the recipient's ASUS WebStorage account, under Backup > Cloud-only File > Account data transfer folder.




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