How to delete files in "Personal device" of ASUS WebStorage web version?


  1. When you use the backup function of the Sync APP to back up files from your device to ASUS WebStorage, you can find these files in ASUS WebStorage web version> Backup > Personal device.

  2. After the files are successfully backed up, even if you delete them from your device by accident, these files will still be saved in the cloud.

If you would like to delete files in [Personal device], please follow the steps below:

To delete a specific file in [Personal device]:

If you want to delete a specific file in [Personal device], you need to first delete the file from your device and then enter ASUS WebStorage web version >> [Personal device] to delete the backup file.

  1. Open the backup folder on your computer.

  2. Right-click on the file you want to delete from [Personal device]>click [delete].


3. After deleting the file, log in to ASUS WebStorage web version.

4. Click [Backup] > [Personal device].

5. When the file has been deleted from your computer, the text " Local file deleted" will be displayed under the file.

6. Right-click on the file to open the menu.

7. Click [Delete permanently].

8. After clicking [OK], this file will be deleted from [Personal device].


To delete all the backup files in [Personal device]:

If you would like to delete all the backed-up files, you need to remove your backup device from Sync APP, and then all the files in [Personal device] will be deleted.

  1. Right-click the Sync APP icon in Windows Taskbar to open the menu.


  2. Click [settings].


  3. Select [Info] from the left menu, and click the [Settings] button in the Backup Info section.

  4. Click the name of your backup device.

  5. After clicking [Remove], all the files you backed up from this device will be deleted in [Personal device].



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