Monthly subscription plans

Do monthly subscription plans suit my needs?

Benefits of monthly subscription plans:

  • 1-month free trial: Subscribe now to enjoy a 1-month free trial. (The first-time subscribes 1-month free trial only for one google or apple account.)

  • Always enjoy the special offers: Enjoy the special offers when auto-renew subscriptions.

  • Auto-renewal: Subscriptions will auto-renew each month.

  • Cancel anytime: Feel free to cancel anytime before the designated monthly automatic debit date.

What types of monthly subscription plans can I choose?

ASUS WebStorage offers three different types of monthly subscription plans.
Subscribe now and always enjoy the special offers when you auto-renew!

Plan 200GB 1TB 2TB
Special offer US$ 2.49/ month US$ 3.49/ month US$ 6.99/ month


How to subscribe to a monthly plan?

Subscriptions are only available through ASUS WebStorage APP.

  • You can tap here on your phone to subscribe or download ASUS WebStorage APP.
  • Or scan the QR code.


How to subscribe on an Android device?

1.Tap [≡] to open the menu.           2. Tap [Upgrade storage space]. 3. Selecting a plan, Tap [Purchase plan].



How to subscribe on an iOS device?

1.Tap [Setup] to open the menu.   2. Tap [Upgrade storage space].    3. After selecting a plan, tap [Buy].


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