Can I cancel my purchase?


  1. According to [Terms of use], ASUS WebStorage provides a 14-day evaluation period, during which you may request an unconditional refund of the full amount paid.

  2. The 14-day evaluation period starts one day after the purchase is completed.

  3. The start day of the 14-day evaluation period is included in the in-app purchased one-month free trial.

  4. After the 14-day evaluation period, a refund will not be accepted.

If your purchase is made through [Plans] or the in-app purchase on an Android device.

  1. Please fill out the [problem report] to contact ASUS WebStorage Support Team.

  2. After receiving an email from us, provide the following information.

  • ASUS Cloud ID

  • Date of your payment: Year/Month/Day

  • Refund item

  • Transaction information. (You can find the transaction ID in the invoice.)

3. Wait for your request to be approved.

If your purchase is made through an in-app purchase on an iOS device.

Please contact [Apple Support] to request a refund.

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