If your used space exceeds the available space of the current plan, what will be the impact?

If you have used more storage space than the available space after the downgrade, you will receive an e-mail notice, and your account will be unable to add new files or share files.


  • If you don’t upgrade your account or delete your data below the available space, according to the “Terms of use,” the system will automatically delete all files stored in the cloud space after 30 days, and your data can’t be recovered.

  • You can go to the ASUS Webstorage web version to check your space details.


Save your files in the following ways

  1. Upgrade storage space

    1. Visit the Plans page to choose a plan which is larger than the current used space to avoid file deletion.
  2. Free up storage space
    1. Reduce the files you stored in the cloud to less than the total space to avoid file deletion.

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