How to change the email address associated with your ASUS Cloud ID?

What happens if I change the email address associated with my ASUS Cloud ID?

  1. After changing your email address, ASUS WeStorage-related emails will be sent to the changed mailbox.

  2. Your ASUS Cloud ID that you sign in to ASUS WebStorage will not be changed. If you would like to change your ASUS Cloud ID, please fill out a problem report form to contact ASUS WebStorage Support Team.

To change your email address:

  1. Sign in to ASUS WebStorage [web version].

  2. Click your avatar (profile picture) in the upper-right corner to open up the menu.

  3. Click [Customer Center].

  4. Click [Change Personal Data].

  5. In the Email field, enter the new email address you would like to change.

  6. Click [Submit].

  7. Please go to the changed mailbox and click the attached link in the verification email to verify your email address.

Didn’t receive the verification email.

  1. Check if the verification email is in the spam folder.

  2. You can try to add the email address <> to your address book and try the steps above to request a verification email again.


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