How to View Storage Details

To view the storage details, please use your computer to log in to your ASUS Cloud account via Web Version.

View Storage Details

  1. After logging in, please click the user avatar in the upper right corner to open the menu, and you can see the currently used storage and total storage.

  2. You can also click Account Info in the menu to view more information, which contains the following information:
    -Plan name
    -Expiration date
    -Number of Timeline Backup Folder Devices
    -Number of Personal devices backed up
    -Upload limit for each file
    -Daily sharing download amount


If You Want to Query the Activation History Records

Please visit the Customer Center and click on the History List

  • User right change history: When your user right is modified (e.g. purchasing plan), will be recorded here.
    Reminder: the modified expiration date indicates the expiry date that the user’s right was changed.

  • ASUS cloud space reward: records of you acquiring space rewards (e.g. purchasing an ASUS product or getting a space reward)


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