How to view previous versions of files?

How to get the previous version of the file back?

ASUS WebStorage Web Version provides the [Version History] function.

When you edit a file with the same file name (including the file extension) and upload it to ASUS WebStorage multiple times, the system will detect the difference between each uploaded file and generate "versions" at different time points in the existing file.

Personal Edition users can save up to the last 30 days of records.

How to view [Version history]

  1. Log in to ASUS WebStorage Web Version.

  2. Click [Version History] on the right side of the file, the icon is a clock symbol.

  3. The screen will display the historical version record of the file. You can "Preview" or "Download" the file according to your needs.

  • Click [Preview] to preview the file.

  • Click [Download] to download the file.

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