How to allow friends and relatives without ASUS Cloud accounts upload files?

You can use the "File Request" function to allow relatives and friends who do not have an ASUS Cloud account to upload files to the file request folder of your cloud space.

Create File Request Folder

  1. Log into Web Version.

  2. In the left menu, click to enter the "File Request" function.

  3. Click the "Add file request" button in the upper right corner of the screen to add and configure a file request folder.

Setting for File Request Folder

After clicking "Add file request", you can set it for different needs:

  1. Folder name: the name of the folder for the file request

  2. Link password setting: Enabled by choice. If enabled and set, the uploader must enter the correct password before uploading files.

  3. Link expiration date: Enabled by choice. If enabled and set, no more files can be uploaded after the expiration date.

  4. Storage settings: Enabled by choice. If enabled and set, no more files can be uploaded after the space reaches the upper limit.

After the file request folder is set up, you can start sharing the link with friends and relatives who do not have an ASUS Cloud account

  1. You can copy the link to share

  2. You can also share the link via Email by clicking the letter symbol next to the link

  • Friends and relatives who have the link can upload files without logging in

  • Relatives and friends who have the link can only upload files, not browse, delete, or change the name of the files in the folder

Close File request Folder

If you want friends and relatives to temporarily stop uploading files, you can choose to close the file request folder that has been created

  1. Right click on the created file request folder

  2. Select [Edit File Request]

  3. On the button next to [File request status], select [Close]

Upload File to File Request Folder

  1. Go to the link provided by the file request creator

  2. If the creator of the file request has set [Link Password], please enter the password first

  3. If the creator of the file request does not set the [Link Password], the file can be uploaded directly

  4. Click [Start Submit] to enter the uploading step


  • Step 1: Fill in the uploader information

-Name: This name will become the starting filename of the uploaded file(For example, the uploader sets the name to: Friend A, the uploaded file name is: 123.xlsx, after uploading, the file name will be changed to Friend A_123.xlsx)

-Email Address: Enter the uploader's email

-Verification code: Please enter the verification code


  • Step 2: Start uploading files

-Click [Start Submit] to select files, select one or more files to submit


  • Step 3: Finish

-After the file is submitted, it will remind the uploader that the submission has been completed

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