How does ASUS WebStorage sync my files?

This article will explain the basic introduction of saving files to ASUS WebStorage, and how to sync these files between different devices.


How to Access File

When you store files in ASUS WebStorage, you can quickly access the data through a variety of devices.

For example:


About Synchronization

MySyncFolder is an exclusive folder that uses the synchronization function.
Files stored in MySyncFolder are kept up-to-date on every device you use ASUS WebStorage.
When you add, edit or delete files in MySyncFolder, all places that can access ASUS WebStorage will also be updated simultaneously.
It is convenient for you to quickly access the cloud storage services provided by ASUS WebStorage in various application scenarios.

How to Start Syncing Files

  • Create an account

ASUS WebStorage provides a lifetime free plan of 5GB cloud space for all users, if you are not registered, please visit the registration page.
If you want more storage space or use other features, you can upgrade to a paid plan after registration.


  • Download and log into the app

Please download and install the Sync APP or Remote Drive on your computer first, or install the mobile app on Google Play or App Store on your phone or tablet. After the ASUS WebStorage app is downloaded to the device, please log in to your ASUS Cloud account.


  • Sync files

You can start uploading your data in MySyncFolder. No matter what above methods you upload your files, you can access your data with ASUS WebStorage.

If files in MySyncFolder are added, edited, or deleted, they will also be updated in all places where ASUS WebStorage can be accessed.

Can I use ASUS WebStorage Sync to move my files to a new computer?

After your files are synced to ASUS WebStorage, you can access your data in ASUS WebStorage on the new device via the Web Version, the PC version of the Sync APP, or Remote Drive.

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