Syncing your files with Remote Drive

Remote Drive offers a seamless experience for accessing your ASUS WebStorage files as if they were stored locally on your computer, with easy access through "File Explorer.

The difference between Remote Drive and ASUS WebStorage Sync lies in their file storage methods, as Remote Drive uses virtual drives to store files without consuming any space on your computer's hard drive.


  1. To avoid potential issues with file uploads and downloads, do not install both Remote Drive and ASUS WebStorage Sync on your computer.
  2. Remote Drive is only available for users with a paid plan.
  3. Remote Drive is only compatible with Windows operating systems.
    1. Download and install Remote Drive on your computer.
    2. Double-click on the Remote Drive icon on your Desktop.
    3. Log in with your ASUS Cloud ID and password.
    4. Set up your Remote Drive:
      1. Tick the checkboxes for MySyncFolder, CloudOnlyFiles, Shared To Me, and Project Space (Business Edition only) for convenient access to these files on ASUS WebStorage through "File Explorer."
      2. Change the drive letter and name using the drop-down list and fill in the field.
      3. Choose to start Remote Drive automatically when the system reboots by ticking the "Auto start when system reboots" checkbox.
    5. Click [Sign in].
    1. Open "File Explorer" in Windows > Select "This PC."
    2. Locate the virtual drive and upload files/folders by dragging/duplicating them to the location.
      1. For example, the default location for Remote-Drive (X:) is MySyncFolder. Dragging/duplicating files here will upload them to ASUS WebStorage for Web > MySyncFolder.___Remote_Drive.png

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