How to sync files with Remote Drive?

Remote Drive makes your ASUS WebStorage files accessible as if they were stored in your computer's local drive. The difference from Sync App is that all your files will be stored on virtual drives, and you can easily access them through “File Explorer.”


  • Do not install Sync APP and Remote Drive on your computer at the same time to avoid file upload/download failure.

  • Remote Drive is only available for paid plan users.

  • Remote Drive is only supported on Windows operating systems.


Installation and login

  1. Download and install Remote Drive on your computer.



2. Click on the Remote Drive icon on your Desktop.

3. Log in to Remote Drive with your ASUS Cloud ID and password.

4. Set up your Remote Drive:

  • Tick the checkboxes of MySyncFolder, CloudOnlyFiles, Shared To Me, and Project Space (Business Edition only), and you can conveniently access files that are stored in these locations on ASUS WebStorage through "File Explorer.”

  • To change the drive letter and name, you can select from the drop-down list and fill in the field.

  • If you tick the [Auto start when system reboots] checkbox in the lower left corner of the window, you can directly go to "File Explorer" to access files without having to log in again every time you restart the computer.

5. Click [Sign in].



How to access files via Remote Drive?

  1. Find and openFile Explorer in Windows > Select This PC.

  2. Enter the location of the virtual drive, and drag/duplicate the files/folders here to upload to the cloud.

    • For example, Remote-Drive (X:) defaults to the location of MySyncFolder, when you drag/duplicate a file here, the files will be uploaded to the web version >MySyncFolder.


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