How to sync existing files from ASUS WebStoage to a brand-new hard drive?

If your computer's hard drive is damaged or runs out of space and needs to repair/replace with a new hard drive, you can refer to the steps below to synchronize files from ASUS WebStorage to your new hard drive.


  1. Before repairing/replacing the hard drive, uninstall Sync App from your computer.

    • In the search box of the taskbar, type "control" and select it from the results.

    • Then select [Programs] > [Programs and Features].

    • Then right-click Sync App and select [Uninstall] or [Uninstall/Change]. Then follow the directions on the screen to uninstall the App.

  2. After successfully uninstalling Sync App, you can start repairing/replacing your computer's hard drive.

  3. After the computer hard drive is repaired/replaced, download and install the latest version of Sync App. After successful login, the existing files in ASUS WebStorage>MySyncFolder will be synced to your computer again.

    • It is not recommended to add/modify files or change the sync path when synchronization is still in progress. Please wait for the process to be completed before performing any changes in MySyncFolder.

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