How does Sync APP protect your files from ransomware?

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects your computer and restricts your access to it.

The attackers use various distribution techniques to spread malware, such as spam emails containing infected links or file attachments. When you unknowingly click on the link or visit an infected website, the malware infects your PC.

When your PC is infected, the ransomware will rename your files with a new extension to encrypt them. The attackers then demand a high ransom to unlock your files.


How does Sync APP protect my files?

You can regularly synchronize important files to the cloud through Sync APP. When the system detects a file with a suspicious extension, the synchronization will stop immediately. If unfortunately, your file was infected, you just need to confirm that the malicious program has been removed from your device, and then you can restore the files from the cloud to avoid the threat of attackers.


How to enable the ransomware detection feature?

  1. Download and install Sync APP.

  2. Right-click on the Sync APP icon in the Windows taskbar.

  3. Click [Settings] to enter the main menu.


4. Click [Info] on the left side menu, and click [More] at the lower left corner of the window.




5. Under the "Ransomware Detection" section, tick the [Paues synchronization when file extensions are altered by a virus] checkbox.




What to do if my PC has been infected with ransomware?

Step1. When you find your computer is being attacked by ransomware, disconnect the network connections and shut down your device immediately.

Step2. Use a decryption tool from a trusted source to remove the malware from your system or seek professional help.

Step3. After the malicious program has been removed from your device, you can download your files from ASUS WebStorage.

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