How to change the sync path in Sync APP? (Windows)

With Sync APP, your files in MySyncFolder, Shared with Me, and Project Space will be automatically synced between the cloud and your computer. For example, if you add, delete, and edit a file in one location, the same change happens in the other location.

This article explains how to change the sync path for MySyncFolder, SharedtoMeFolder, and ProjectSpace on your computer.



  • To prevent sync failure, please do not set the sync folder as follows:

    • External hard drive folder

    • The entire root of a drive (such as C:\ or D:)

    • The entire Desktop directory (C:\Users\username\Desktop)

  • Before modifying the synch path, please make sure there is no synchronization in progress.


Sync App stores synchronized files at the following default locations:

  • MySyncFolder:C:\ASUS WebStorage\ ASUS Cloud ID\MySyncFolder\

  • SharedToMeFolder: C:\ASUS WebStorage\ ASUS Cloud ID\CollaborationFolder\

  • ProjectSpace (ASUS WebStorage for business only): C:\ASUS WebStorage\ASUS Cloud ID\Project Space\

To change the Sync path:

1. Right-click on the Sync APP icon in the Windows taskbar.

2. Click [Settings].




3. From the left side menu, you can select [Sync], [ProjectSpace], or [Share].

4. Click the [Change] button under the […. Location] section.

5. In the Directory setting windows, click [Browse].

6. Choose a new sync folder.

7. Click [Confirm].

8. After changing the sync path, the files and folders under the original path will be moved to the new path.



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