How to disable a member's ASUS Cloud ID and transfer data to a new owner?

If you are an admin of ASUS WebStroage business plan, you can :

  • Disable/Delete a team member's ASUS Cloud ID.

  • Transfer a member's data to your or another member’s cloud space.


The member's ASUS Cloud ID must be disabled first, and then you can transfer his or her data to your or another member’s account.


Disable a member’s ASUS Cloud ID

1. Log in to the ASUS WebStorage web version.

2. Click on the avatar on the upper-right corner of the page and select [Dashboard].

3. Click [User Management] from the left menu to enter the [User Management page].

4. Click the […] icon next to the member's ASUS Cloud ID to open the menu.

5. Choose [Disable account].



6. In the pop-up window, click [Disable].



7. After clicking the [Disable] button, the member’s User Status will become [Disable].




Transfer data from a member to a new owner

Once the member’s User Status shows [Disable], you can start transferring data.

1. Click the […] icon next to the member ASUS Cloud ID to open the menu.

2. Choose [User Data Transfer].



3. On the Member data transfer page, click on the member’s ASUS Cloud ID.



4. In the field of “Transfer to...,” enter the recipient's ASUS Cloud ID. (It can be your or another member’s ASUS Cloud ID).



5. Go back to the [User Management page], then you can see the member’s User Status become [Data Transfering].



6. Once the User Status becomes [Disable] again, it means the data has been transferred successfully.



After transferred, the recipient can view the data in ASUS WebStorage web version >[Backup] > [Cloud-only Files] > [Account data transfer folder].




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